KC Spanish was born out of the desire to contribute a little extra in child education while working as a preschool teacher. Knowing how capable young minds are, I started teaching my little students a few Spanish words in the classroom. Parents loved the idea of their kids starting to learn a second language at such young age, so I knew I had to do more. Little by little parents starting to reach out for more Spanish lessons and then came the Idea of bringing Spanish lessons as an enrichment class to preschools. Currently, KC Spanish offers enrichment classes at 7 different preschool locations, private and group lessons,  and online courses.

We believe that each child learns in different ways and at her or his own pace. We are committed to providing  a learning environment to help them achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners.

Our Mission

For each child to develop a curiosity of learning and to discover a whole new culture throughout every lesson, to help them grow their cognitive intelligence and language skills.

Our Vision

To provide high quality and interactive lessons to every kid so they love learning Spanish as a second language. Prioritizing the theory of play as a learning method and also, encouraging them to become independent.

Our Values