Hello there! Do you like my costume? It's call "Catrina" and it's the costume for Día de los muertos (The day of the death) and if you have seen the movie CoCo you probably already know what I am talking about! This is a beautiful mexican tradition to remember people that are no longer with us. We go to the cementery to visit them. At home we make "altares" with their picture, favorite food and drinks, we decorate them with flowers, candle and incense. The traditions says that our the person you decorated the altar for will come the night of Día de los muertos and eat everything that you left for them. 

Take a look at this altar...



To light their way back and forth


To calm their thirst after their long trip back to this world


To cleanse the space of evil spirits

Cempasuchil flowers:

To aromatize the place and to guide their way back home

The bread


Papel picado